I Feel Like Rip Van Winkle

rip van winkleYes, I can hardly believe that fourteen months has passed since my last post. Obviously I am now worried that my relevance has passed as well.  In these months, I have gone from being part-time employed to being full-time employed.  What a difference 20 hours makes.  I am working at a public library that services five high schools in a marginalized area of a metropolitan city.  What on earth do I do with my 40 hours?

It began as a fairly innocuous assignment, but quickly became a challenging turf war.  Though seldom fully-staffed, our branch has a high turnover rate because everyone transfers out.  The challenge for continuity of staff disadvantages the establishment in general.  Librarians are the go-to when the Senior Librarian is absent and I can vouch for the fact that at least three of my week days is spent being in charge.

Now, while I am not paid for this, it is the way the system is designed. To compound the responsibility, the full-time librarian is expected to manage outreach, programming, and all manner of mandate that comes from the administration.  But all of that takes a back seat to the daily duties of managing hundreds of after-school teens.

The Teen Advisory Board is the best place to put my defenses.  It is this small group that helps me with small projects, collection-based and program-based.  They pull inactives, weed for condition, shelf-read fiction, sort and organize floppies and media and cut out all manner of display and programming supplies.  They meet almost weekly and manage to make themselves a part of the library in a big way.

Then there is the other contingent, the small dozen or so of trouble-makers, the truants, the teens whose allegiance is to idle trash talk, and idle loitering.  They want to claim my library as their turf.

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