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Avid reader with interest in literacy as an avenue for social equality and humanitarian public service. Librarians are at the forefront of the new information age, learning to use print and electronic resources with equal ease and teaching 21st century skills to learners of all ages.

I Feel Like Rip Van Winkle

Yes, I can hardly believe that fourteen months has passed since my last post. Obviously I am now worried that my relevance has passed as well.  In these months, I have gone from being part-time employed to being full-time employed.  What … Continue reading

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While I Dreamed

The past two years has gone by in a blur, but I have spent most of my waking hours in one public library or another. Have I learned a thing or two? I’ve learned that a library is an organization … Continue reading

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A Year Old

My last post was at the six-month mark, and I had passed the Age of Looking and Response, the Age of Attack and Purpose, and sat at the Threshold of Understanding. Now, as I enter the Age of Meaning, I … Continue reading

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Developing Flexibility

As anyone who knows me knows, it is easy for me to put my foot in my mouth metaphorically, but flexibility comes from an openness to experience. I am learning that my employment is more about what I am “willing” … Continue reading

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The Birth of a Reader

One of the simple truths that I know as an individual was that there was not that “one” book that made me into a reader, but essentially it was the freedom to choose that book. At different times in my … Continue reading

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Stretching My Limbs

Well, creating and displaying my cyber self for the world has posed some challenges. In lieu of creativity, I have chosen adaptability. There are themes galore, images to be had for a song, and stock design layouts. But what cannot … Continue reading

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Hello world!

The test begins with birth. The birth of an idea, the birth of a life, the birth of a bird. All the smallest and most substantial progress is caused by a birth. Birthing a website, an online brand, a “personhood” … Continue reading

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